How It Works


  • Arizona Supreme Court requires you to provide a copy of your Traffic Citation and Driver License (Government Issued Identification) to the Defensive Driving School.
  • Students are required to complete the entire course and final exam no later than 7 days prior to the student’s court date. If the student fails to complete all required elements of the course and final exam 7 days prior to their court date the student will not be issued a certificate of completion unless they can provide proof of an extension from the court. All the course requirements must be met by the student in order for a certificate of completion to be issued.

    Final Exam

    The final exam will have 25 environmental questions. These questions will be based on factoids not related to defensive driving school that will be included throughout the course. The student will read these factoids when they are taking the course and will have to answer these questions on the final exam.
    Arizona Supreme Court allows 2 attempts to pass the final exam. An 80 percent or higher score is required to pass. Upon completion of the course you will get a receipt with all your payment and course information. Please click on My Account to see it.